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National Association of Wedding Car Professionals (NAWCP); Supporting Wedding Car Operators

The UK wide association designed to represent, support and provide assistance to those in the wedding car business and those seeking to enter it. Whether yours is a small business with just one vehicle or a larger business operating many vehicles on a grand scale, the NAWCP is for you.

Originally set up to counter the proposal by the Law Commission in 2011 to require all wedding cars to have full local authority private hire licences; a situation, if we had not been successful, that would have caused great difficulty for us all and probably decimated the wedding car industry, the NAWCP continues to represent its members regarding national and European issues while also providing advice and support on day to day issues affecting business and service provision. We are now recognised by the UK Government as stakeholders and are therefore consulted on all issues relating to weddings and transport and any other sectors that might affect NAWCP members.

The NAWCP, the first ever organisation for the whole of the UK to provide a home for wedding car businesses, although still growing in terms of membership, is now a fully constituted association that is able to offer many advantages for its members; advantages that may provide that business and service provision the edge you have been searching for. Why not take a look at the aims, objectives and Code of Conduct within the Constitution and a look at the consequent benefits you can enjoy as a member; we think you will be impressed. We now have enough stature that we have been asked by the Northern Ireland Wedding Vehicle Association (NIWVA) to assist them in their current negotiations with the Northern Irish Department of the Environment. This we are happy to do and the NAWCP and NIWVA have officially become affiliated.

Joining the NAWCP could not be easier; just go to the membership page, join the NAWCP and you will be part of the future.

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