A total disaster

A total wedding car disaster!


A couple of days ago during storm Imogene fire broke out at the garage of Classic Wedding Cars of Peterborough owned by Susan and Melvin Dalby. It destroyed all the cars and the fire spread to the house destroying that also.

Although not members I think I speak on behalf of the whole industry in sending our sincere condolences – yes losing your cherished and much loved cars is to me like losing a child, in this case it seems like a whole family.

Melvin received medical attention for smoke inhalation whilst trying to fight the fire in its early stages. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this he is still in hospital recovering. I have passed on through his best friend who is fielding the calls that should Susan and Melvin require any help I, along with many of our members will offer whatever is needed.

The cause of this fire is as yet unknown but brings home the need for all of us to check and check again for any possible causes of a fire, especially the electrics, get in a highly qualified electrician to check all your wiring at least once a year.
I can only hope that Susan and Melvin were fully insured and can fight back and be able to re-join our fabulous industry.


Our thanks go to Terry Harris Photography for permission to use his photographs for which he holds the copyright.

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