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The NAWCP was approached some time ago by the Northern Ireland Wedding Vehicle Association asking for our help and support in trying persuade their government to relax the somewhat draconian rules that are applied to them. At present they have to meet all the requirements for Private Hire to be able to do weddings. Virtually the same rules we fought against. At present they do not have a website but if anyone wishes to contact them as an individual their chairman, Mike Barr will be more than happy to accept your support. He can be contacted by email: mike.barr@starcarhire.co.uk or by telephone on:  028 2858 3500 or 0845 017 5017

To us it seems crazy that wedding cars have different rules and regulations in three of the four countries making up the UK. We jointly decided that it would be in both our best interests that we officially become affiliated.

The affiliation officially took place on 25th November 2013.



We have always been searching for factual and authoritative words of wisdom when trying to unravel the proposals coming out of the EU. The Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) has been doing this for over 25 years. The FBHVC are the UK representative on the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) a truly global organisation that was established in 1966 to represent historic vehicles internationally and now has 62 countries as members representing well over 1.6 million historic vehicles. Thus the NAWCP is now extremely well represented internationally through our membership of the FBHVC.

The NAWCP became a full member of the FBHVC on 3rd December 2013.

Having said that we are still looking for a member with some expertise to keep an eye on any forthcoming proposals that could affect our members – fore armed is fore warned and that is what we need, an early warning system. Can you help?