CCTV in wedding cars

There is a possibility that some wedding cars will be forced to fit CCTV

Recently a Private Members Bill (PMB) under the ten minute rule was introduced in the chamber of the House of Commons on 29th October and will I believe now have a second reading on 24th January.

Basically the bill will force all private hire and taxi vehicle to have CCTV in the passenger compartment, this follows a recent horrendous murder of a private hire driver in Bedford.

Having done a little of my own research it would appear that in the last 25years 65 persons have similarly lost their lives. To my mind this beggars the question as to the society we live in.

“I drive wedding cars so it won’t affect me” you say. Well in quite a few cases it will. Many wedding cars especially those of you that are running more top end vehicles such as the latest Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW and Mercedes etc that are also licensed for private hire. I know of at least one company that have licensed all their wedding cars for private hire which includes Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s going back to the early 1950’s. I would imagine that quite a few of our members will have to make a decision as to whether to drop the private hire licence so as not be forced to have CCTV in the car or risk losing their wedding bookings by keeping the PH licence, quite a dilemma for some of you. if the law passes how long will it be before it gets extended to all wedding cars?

Do brides really want something like this in their face when all they want is a gentle kiss?

Having spoken to ten of my own clients brides not one would be prepared to use a wedding car with CCTV. The time spent in the car going from the ceremony to the reception is a most precious and very private time that a bride and groom can have. Most of us are aware of those intimate conversations that take place between the happy couple and would never want to intrude, but a CCTV camera would be a massive intrusion potentially destroying those magical moments!

So who has put up the PMB? It was Richard Fuller Conservative MP for Bedford who introduced bill using the ten minute rule. His introduction of the PMB was supported by:

Meg Hillier MP Labour (Co-op) member for Hackney South and Shoreditch

Adam Holloway MP Conservative member for Gravesham

Siobhain McDonagh Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden

Stephen McPartland MP the Conservative member for Stevenage

Priti Patel conservative MP serving Witham.

It is up to all of us to contact our own members of Parliament and most strongly object to the forced insertion of CCTV in all private hire vehicles without a method of removing the camera when the vehicle is used for wedding work. As we stressed to the Law Commission last year we are part of the wedding industry not the private hire/taxi industry. The Taxi and Private hire community by a huge majority want CCTV and we must wish them well, but CCTV in cars used for weddings is a very bad idea, no bride or wedding car professional will want that

This is the link to a transcript of Richard Fullers speech in Parliament introducing his  bill:

This is a link to Richard Fullers proposed bill – it is a pdf copy held on the NAWCP website

Richard Fuller seems to be trying to tack his bill onto the draft taxi/Private hire bill proposed by the Law Commission that is supposed to be presented to the Minister this month. I’m sure the Law Commission don’t want another fight with us!!!  We will fight if we have to.

You will find a template objection letter you should all send to your own MP after all it is the MP’s who vote for or against the Bill. If you use it please read the instructions.


Click for the template letter

Click to find your MP

Due to one or two issues with the website the template letter will take about thirty seconds to download, Sorry we are working fix it but need a webmaster first

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