CCTV Private Members Bill Fails??


CCTV in some wedding cars

The Private Members Bill (PMB) presented to Parliament that would force all private hire and taxi’s to install CCTV in their vehicles seems to have failed to gain a second reading. The list of the recently published twenty members of parliament who’s PMB’s are up for a second reading does not include the conservative member for Bedford Richard Fuller’s Bill.

The question about CCTV in Private Hire and Taxi’s is more than likely to rear its ugly head again and again until it succeeds through sheer persistency. Whilst we as an association have no objections to it per se, we must ensure that if it comes it is limited to PHV’s and taxis, with the right to remove it in dual service vehicles, wedding/private hire when driving the wedding party. If it were to come without that provision then quite a lot of our members could be saddled with it.

We will always keep a watchful eye on this subject and keep you informed.


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