Slight correction to the previous article

The Daily Mail got it wrong in relation to the old style green driver’s licence. It will continue until it runs out or you have to change details such as address then you will have to get the new one.

The Daily Mail got confused with another new style licence that will not have a green counterpart. This is likely to happen in 2015. This change will have a few problems for our industry as most of our insurance policies won’t accept drivers with over six points. The Police have the ability to check the DVLA’s records electronically, we don’t. According to the DVLA press office we will have to contact the DVLA Driving Licence department with your driver present and they will then have to authorise the DVLA to disclose to us how many points they have and for what offences. If a prospective driver is not prepared to do this then I guess you can’t offer them a driving position as you won’t know if you might break your insurance conditions and we all know the ultimate penalty for driving without insurance.

It seems the Daily Mail is easily confused and you should double check anything you read in the press. I certainly will!

 All other information contained in yesterday’s email is we believe correct.

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