Wedding Cars and Private Hire

latest update

According to the website for the Law Commission the proposed date for publishing the new proposed law in relation to the Private Hire and Taxi industries will be published on Friday 23rd May. It was due to be the 22nd of May but this clashed with the Local Authority and European elections.

You can rest assured that we will grab a copy as soon as possible to make sure the Law Commissions interim report that stated that Wedding Cars will retain their exemption is still in the draft Bill. We have no reason to doubt them, but you never know.

The next stage will be the draft Bill being presented to Parliament for a first reading, (not likely to happen until after the next General Election).

The Association will continue to keep a very close eye on anything that might impact the Wedding Car or the Wedding industry as a whole. Emissions seems to be the dark horse of the apocalypse, especially Boris’ not so splendid idea of creating an Ultra Low Emissions Zone which if it succeeds will be copied by most cities around the UK.

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