An Interesting Fact, a Tricky Question and a Warning

Interesting fact.

Quite a lot of the private hire and taxi industry do not seem to like the wedding car industry. Of those responding to the recent Law Commission proposals through their trade body, the National Private Hire Association, 70.55% wanted wedding cars to become fully licensed as private hire cars. Also 60% wanted funeral cars to become similarly licensed as well!!!

Source: Private Hire and Taxi Monthly October 2012. Issue 241.

It would be interesting to see what the public would book for their local trip or journey to the airport if the choice was between a beautiful Rolls Royce S3 and a scruffy Skoda. Of course the Skoda would win, who wants to be driven in a classic Rolls Royce!!!

Freedom of Information Act request

As soon as all the submissions to the Law Commission’s proposal become available under the Freedom of Information Act rules we will be asking for all submissions. Once they arrive we will be looking for a statistician to work with us to analyse the result which we will publish for all our members and other interested parties. Can any of you offer help with what could be a mammoth project? Many hands make light work.

Tricky Question

We have been asked by many members who have taken out wedding car insurance that when some get the policy it says ‘Hire and Reward’, does this mean that they can do other types of hire work. We will have a definitive answer to that and any consequences as we are obtaining legal opinion from a Legal expert specialising in our industry. He will also look at the consequences of doing hire work other than weddings when not licensed for ‘Private Hire’ by the appropriate local authority. Once we have the written opinion we will publish it to all our members.

Help from all of you is requested. Can you all please check your insurance policy certificates and if it just says ‘Private Hire’ with no mention of wedding hire only please please contact us immediately

No MOT? Be very careful, check you are still insured

I have just heard from one historic car owner who’s MOT has expired and for some reason he had to contact his insurance company and mentioned that it had expired. He was instantly told as far as they were concerned he would be uninsured without a valid MOT. So be warned, double check with your insurer today, that they will still cover you without an MOT. We as the NAWCP will always recommend to all our members that you continue to have annual MOTs otherwise you cannot prove that your car meets the minimum safety standards required by law which could result in very dire consequences in the event of an accident. It’s worth the fee for peace of mind.

Legal Eagle

Do you have any questions relating to wedding car hire that needs amplifying or examining by our ‘Legal Eagle’. He can’t answer personal questions relating to your operation only those pertaining to all our members. You are of course at liberty to retain him to act on your behalf. Neil Morley LLB LLM is the Managing Director and Senior Legal Consultant at Travis Morley Associates, contact details are on our ‘Useful Links’ page.

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