Email sent to our industry – 3rd September 2012

To all wedding car professionals


Tuesday and Wednesday are the last two days left to write to the Law Commission and send it by post. Sunday is the final day to email them.

Object to the clause wanting to “remove the exemption for wedding and funeral cars from primary legislation”

Below are some points you might like to raise, but put them in your own words.

  1. If this is about safety what has happened to suggest there is a safety issue relating to wedding cars – the Law Commission has failed to bring up one point on safety.
  2. If this is about conformity and a level playing field as one MP put it do we really want to see a vintage Rolls Royce plying for hire at Tesco or a 1946 open top Buick picking up patients from the local hospital.
  3. Why are the wedding car and funeral industries being lumped in with the transport industry? Wedding cars and funeral cars are two distinctly totally separate industries certainly not linked in any way with mini-cabs or taxis.
  4. If this proposal goes through it will mean the end of well over a 1000 wedding car companies across the country
  5. Why is there no proposal to remove the 7/10 year age limit imposed by the local authorities that currently administer taxi and private hire licencing. If they do not remove the age limit then all classic and vintage wedding cars will cease to exist.
  6. The change could lead to a huge increase in American stretched Limos on our unsuitable roads as they will be just about the only ones able to fill the void.
  7. Needless to say the provision of wonderful classic and vintage cars is an integral part of any bride’s special day. This proposal will totally wipe out this wonderful British tradition.

Please forward this email on to every wedding car company you know and make sure they realise how serious this is and will affect us all.

For those who have not read the original blogs on the subject you can do so by using the links below.

The National Association will publish its objections on the website on 11th September at 2400 hrs for all to read.




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