Email to our industry sent 13th August 2012

The following email was sent to everyone on the current list of know wedding car providers. Please copy this and send to any provider you know. Without the strength of numbers our chances of success are negligible. We would appreciate an email with any email addresses for Wedding Car Professionals that you know so we can include them in future mailings.

Dear Wedding Car Professionals,

As I guess you are all aware we as an industry are in serious danger of ceasing to exist in the next year or so if the Law Commission’s proposals are accepted by the Government. Many of you have sent your objections to the Law Commission as individuals.

As individuals your objections to the change in the law are totally valid but will not carry the weight of an industry wide professional body.

In order to be able to put considerable pressure on the Law Commission and Government the National Association of Wedding Car Professionals has been formed, but without virtually everyone’s support it will have no more influence than just a few more individuals’ objections. It is essential that we all band together to fight for the very existence of our industry. So please join the NAWCP urgently and complete the questionnaire on the website as well . It is the whole industry we are trying to save.

Please forward this email onto every wedding car provider you know as soon as you possibly can. The closing date for objections is looming very fast indeed.

If you have not heard about the change in the law please visit and read the following blogs:

I don’t want to lose my business and I am sure you don’t either. As individuals we can’t win the battle but united we certainly can but to do that everyone must be part of the army and that army is the NAWCP.

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