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As you will all be aware, the issue of air pollution in the UK is an issue that is now increasing in significance in people’s minds. An example is Boris Johnson’s project for an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in central London, which we believe is most likely to be emulated by other local authorities in the UK in the very near future. Oxford City Council has recently announced that they are considering a similar proposal. Many other councils are likely to follow suit as the government has recently advised all councils that fines for failing to meet emission criteria will not be paid out of the national purse but will be passed on to the local authority concerned.

The NAWCP recognises that while we must all do what we can to reduce the effect on the environment of burning fossil fuels, we also believe that we must do everything in our power to ensure that whatever measures are proposed to mitigate the problem, they do not at the same time cause undue and insurmountable difficulty for our members. Consequently, we would wish to ensure that as soon as possible we have in place the resources and mechanisms to monitor closely all proposals that will affect the wedding car industry and provide rapid and credible NAWCP responses to current and future proposals.

Therefore, we are looking for someone to join the committee to take on the role of ‘Environment Officer’ who is willing to get involved in what is likely to be a most significant ongoing issue for the wedding car industry. We are hoping that those of you with a scientific or academic background or similar, or indeed, those willing to take on the investigation of this issue further will come forward to be considered for this post.

This will be an increasingly important role for the future, even more so now that we have learnt that on 12th July the London Assembly voted to increase the size of the ULEZ from the ‘Congestion Charge Zone’ to virtually the whole of London. We ask interested persons to make contact with the Chairman or the Secretary at the earliest opportunity so that we might discuss the opportunity in more detail.


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