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I am pleased to report that today, 4 September 2014, the Chairman received notification from the Environment Officer on the Mayor of London’s staff, that Transport for London (TfL) has been requested to add the NAWCP to the ULEZ stakeholder consultation list.  Clearly, this is in direct response to the Chairman’s recent personal letter to Boris Johnson, which indicated the NAWCP’s displeasure at being left on the sidelines regarding London’s environmental issues.  It is expected that TfL will initiate contact with NAWCP by 13 September 2014 and that further discussion will ensue.

This development emphasises how useful it is to press home the need for the NAWCP to be involved in this national issue, and perhaps more importantly from our point of view, how important it now is to have someone on the NAWCP Committee with the remit to follow-up on what is without doubt the national issue of LEZs and ULEZs development.

Consequently, we once again urge you all to consider if you are able to join the team, and if you are, to come forward and join the Committee as the Environment Officer and help the NAWCP ensure that the impact on our industry of the inevitable introduction of nation-wide city and town LEZs and ULEZs is mitigated such that the use of traditional wedding cars can continue infinitum with minimum inconvenience to operators, clients and the populace of the UKs towns and cities.

Do feel free to contact the Chairman or Secretary at any time to discuss further.

“The NAWCP does have the clout to properly represent the wedding car industry”

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