Wedding Cars face another ban proposal



Many of you have heard about the early stages of a proposal by Transport for London (Tfl) to introduce an ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ (ULEZ) in London to meet pollution criteria. At present Tfl are talking to stakeholders about the proposal and hope to start a full consultation with all stakeholders and the general public later this year.

The base proposals are:

  • To ban older petrol powered vehicles that can’t or don’t meet the EU proscribed pollution limits
  • To ban older diesel powered vehicles that can’t or don’t meet the EU proscribed pollution limits


Who will it affect?

  • Wedding Cars except the most modern
  • Wedding buses such as the very popular Routemasters and of course all classic and vintage coaches
  • Funeral Cars except the most modern
  • Ice Cream vendors – the majority of which use the old classic traditional vehicles
  • Travelling Fun Fairs – the majority are using classic Lorries and diesel powered generators
  • The Second World War II DUKW’s that provide fantastic tours of London and of course down the Thames as well, to many tens of thousands of visitors a year.

The list is endless. We are sure you could all add many other sectors of the transport industry where a large number of vehicles would be banned.

It won’t affect me most of you will say.

You could be very very wrong. The reason Tfl is making these proposals is to be able to comply with EU pollution regulations. Many other cities in the UK will have to meet these same regulations. The other cities would include Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff along with countless smaller cities. They are all keeping a very keen an eye on Tfl.

So what do we do about it?

The NAWCP is applying for Stakeholder status with Tfl, which if granted will keep us up to date with the planning and of course the public consultation expected later this year. Once the consultation period is announced we will be informing all our members and making suggestions as to how you can add your voice as individuals.

We took on the Law Commission in 2012 and won but Boris and the EU will be much harder nuts to crack. We must all work together on this one.

Until the consultation date is set, relax and enjoy what should be a much better year for our industry.


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