Why Join the NAWCP?

Firstly, to promote your business as one that has Customer Care as a top priority.  Why not give yourself that business edge by demonstrating to future Brides and Grooms that you consider their requirements above all else and will do all that is possible to make their day special?  Membership of the NAWCP, the adoption of the NAWCP Code of Conduct and associated recommendations for members will demonstrate to your customers that you care! Is there a better way to market your business?

Secondly, to ensure that the NAWCP has the presence to comment convincingly and with authority on regulatory proposals that impact adversely on the wedding car industry.  The more members we have the more influence we will have in local authority and government circles. Join us and have a voice where it can help you, both as a business owner and as a service provider.  The NAWCP has already provided a strong and winning argument regarding the Law Commission’s recommendation for all wedding cars to be licensed as Private Hire Vehicles (PHV), and although there can be no guarantees, it is fully expected that Ministers will retain the current exemption for wedding cars within the revised PHV regulations due to be presented to them by the Law Commission sometime in April/May 2014.  The NAWCP will now, with your help, continue to bring pressure to bear on other important issues as necessary, whether they come from national government or the EU.

Thirdly, to gain access to the largest directory in Europe dedicated specifically for wedding cars. Only fully registered members of the NAWCP can enter their cars, this being a totally free service to our members.        click for more information

Lastly, to form bonds and links with others in the wedding services industry and take advantage of the offers available to members that may well help you in your business both practically and financially.

Hopefully, we have answered the question but please do note that we are here to promote nationally our members as professional, responsible and reputable companies that recognise the importance of the day to both Brides and Grooms and will do all that can be done to make the day special for all.  To show that you care, join the NAWCP and proudly display the logo on your website of the only professional organisation for wedding cars in Europe: the National Association of Wedding Car Professionals.

If you would like more information or discuss things further before making your decision why not contact the Secretary or Chairman for a friendly chat, they will be delighted to help!

We are only as strong as our members

To apply for membership please complete the form below. The membership fee has been set at £30.00 to take you to the next fixed annual renewal date of 1st April 2019 when the full years fee is £45.  If you have more than one website for your wedding car business you are more than welcome to add our logo to those sites, but there is a small service charge of £10 per subsidiary site.

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership is not guaranteed and all applications are subjected to scrutiny by the Membership Committee for consideration.

  • Applications can only be accepted from the legal owner of the business.
  • All applicants must have a publicly accessible website, just a Facebook site is not acceptable.
  • If an applicant is offering services that are considered illegal their request for membership will be rejected. (We will advise the applicant of the illegality and they will be given the opportunity to remove it from their website. Subject to compliance we will then reconsider the application).
  • If an applicant is acting as an agent for third parties we will not accept their request for membership without each and every one of their subcontractors signing a memorandum of understanding,  that they individually accept and will work in accordance with the NAWCP’s Rules and Code of Conduct. See Terms and Conditions for Wedding Car Agency Membership.

If you are unsure of the admissibility of your application please feel free to telephone our Chairman, David Jones, on 01252 875222 for help and advice. He has been in the Wedding Car Hire industry for thirty years as well as an additional fifteen in the corporate chauffeur industry.

MEMBERSHIP, IF GRANTED, WILL BE INVESTED IN THE OWNER OF THE BUSINESS but can be transferred to a co-owner or partner or a son or daughter on confirmation that adherence to the membership criteria and requirements remains extant.

MEMBERSHIP IS NOT TRANSFERABLE WHEN A BUSINESS IS SOLD to a third party, in such circumstances a new application for membership from the new owner is invited. (On the sale of a business all NAWCP rights and privileges, including the right to display or use the NAWCP logo on web-sites, literature and correspondence stationary, ceases, along with any and all of their UK Wedding Car Directory entries. This also applies should membership lapse).


PLEASE ENSURE YOU COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS miss one and they all get deleted!!!

Your address must be your full postal address

(our computer only sends to the address you give us)

Note: By completing this application you are granting us the right to electronically store that information and to contact you by mail, email and or telephone.

If you do not wish us to do so, there is no point in joining.


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