Good News Hot off the Press

MOT tests are available for all cars Vintage, Classic or Modern from Monday

Finally confirmation that from exemption day (Monday 18th November) we can all still get full MOTs from our usual local MOT Testing Centre. I understand the cost will remain the same. If you decide to go the exemption route and not test (vehicles registered prior to 7th January 1960) you could have problems insuring your cars – how can you prove to the insurance companies that your cars are in good working order and comply with the law. Play safe and get the MOT it will be the only way to prove your can legally operate on the road and give your brides peace of mind. I will be setting up a way on my own website a means of reproducing my MOT and Insurance certificates for each of my cars so brides and grooms can satisfy themselves that our cars are safe and carry the proper insurance.

Classic Car Weekly will shortly be publishing an article which explains most things. . Hopefully it will be on the in the same News Articles section of the NAWCP website tomorrow.

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