Update to the EU Poposed Road Worthiness Test

There has been an update to the EU proposed road worthiness test definition of a historic vehicle which goes some way to allaying the fears of most of our members. (we published details back in January)

At a meeting of the EU the definition was revised to read:

Vehicle of Historic Interest means any vehicle which is considered to be historic by the Member State of registration or one of its appointed authorising bodies and which fulfils all the following conditions: –    It was manufactured or registered for the first time at least 30 years ago; –  its specific type, as defined by the relevant legal acts of the Union on type approval, is no longer in production; – It is preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, and therefore has not undergone major changes in its technical characteristics.

Knowing the EU it is almost certain this will not be the last we hear of this proposal!

The Association is looking for someone who really understands the EU and this potential new law and can give us a heads up on how the proposed law would apply to our members of home constructed and limited production run cars such as the Beauford, Asquith, Imperials etc., as there are quite a large number of these vehicles within our industry.


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