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London – Ban of Older Vehicles Used as Wedding Cars          released 2130 5th March 2014

In general, the NAWCP believes that any newly proposed change in legislation should reflect society’s wishes and requirements, but it should not stifle choice or the wish for style and substance in life.  As the vast majority of wedding car providers in the UK use veteran, vintage, classic and specialist vehicles, to ban en-mass those vehicles not complying with new emission regulations from the streets of London would effectively close down at a stroke the wedding car industry in London.

The NAWCP, while supporting the general tenant of emission control within the UK would not be supportive of an outright ban, but would support the development of a permit based system that would allow wedding car operators to continue to operate freely in London, thus allowing those entering the institute of marriage to continue to enjoy the long held tradition of using veteran, vintage, classic and specialist vehicles as an integral part of their wedding celebrations. The current Government supports the institution of marriage; therefore, the NAWCP would expect it also to support those traditions that embody the institution.