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The draft Finance Act 2014 has buried in it the proposal to disallow the transfer of the tax disc to a new purchaser. This along with the proposal to stop issuing ‘Tax Discs’ could cause problems to any member buying or selling a wedding car along with any other car.

The big problem will be that the moment after sale that the car is driven away it no longer has VED paid. So what the heck do you do, if you are the buyer and it doesn’t matter if it is a historic vehicle or not it must have what is an invisible tax disc in place. You may well be lucky enough to have a good smart phone and can tax it online, if not you have to try and persuade the vendor to lend you his computer to let you tax the vehicle. If you are the seller do you want someone to use your computer to tax the vehicle? What happens if the buyer’s credit card is cloned and runs up huge bills, the police will want to know when he used it recently….Ouch!!! it may have been you.

At present there is no confirmed new mechanism for claiming a refund on unused tax so we could end up with the Government getting paid twice for VED, at present you can only reclaim whole months of unused VED. Surely with the whole thing being fully computerised the refund should be from the date of ‘transfer of the keeper’ (V5) is signed but with this Government will it happen, especially if the buyer does not obtain VED for several weeks.

The Association is making its views known on behalf of all our members. Attached is a pdf of our submission.

The NAWCP working for our members

Our Submission


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