Some good news some bad news

The good news. Our website is now free of all Malware, Trojans, Spam Generators and other assorted rubbish. The site is now a fully responsive site meaning it has been optimised for smart phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops and has had a small make over so it looks better than the old one. To keep the site a safe as possible it has been moved to much safer servers with a mega firewall but we all have to realise sites can never be made 100% safe. Not to mention the likes of Sony, TalkTalk et al.

The bad news. Having sent out a fully working email about the AGM on 6th December at the Carlton Hotel in Blackpool. The upgrade to the website has messed up the links in the AGM email so they no longer worked. This has now been corrected and you can click through to the files from the original email. So not so bad after all.

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