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Wedding Car Insurance


The NAWCP has auditioned many wedding car insurers and
we believe that this policy from Peter James Insurance
is the most comprehensive and cost effective


Comprehensive cover to include all
below throughout the UK and Europe*



Social, Domestic, Pleasure, Wedding hire and Funeral hire

Vehicles Valuations:

Up to £15,000 You may self Certify (depending on age of vehicle)
Over £15,000 You must have a certified valuation from the marque club for your vehicle or a specialist vehicle valuer
No agreed valuation at time of write-off will be market value


You may nominate named drivers
You may request any driver over 25
You may request any driver over 30


up to 1500 miles per insured vehicle
up to 3000 miles per insured vehicle
up to 5000 miles per insured vehicle
unlimited miles per insured vehicle

Public Liability:


Employers Liability:


Roadside Recovery:

In the UK and Europe

Buy Back:

You have the right to buy back a write-off provided you indicate your wish to do this. You must make your request within 48 hours of the vehicle being declared a write-off. This is great if you have two cars the same, it gives you a ready supply of spares for the survivor.

Legal Expenses*

Up to £100,000 per claim (UK only not Europe)

They will negotiate to recover an Insured Person’s uninsured losses and costs and will help in appealing or defending an appeal. If an Appointed Lawyer is used, They will pay the Legal Costs for this. They will also pay Vehicle Hire Costs as long as they have agreed to them first.

They will pay the Legal Costs to defend the prosecution. They will also pay the Legal Costs to appeal, or defend an appeal, against the judgement or penalty, provided that the Insured Person tells them that he or she wants to appeal within the time limits allowed.

Some terms and conditions apply all of which are advised within your policy package.



This fully comprehensive insurance has been negotiated by the NAWCP exclusively for its members though its approved broker Peter James Insurance. For those of you who don’t know, Peter James was the man who actually invented Wedding Car Insurance and is the doyen of the industry. The policy is underwritten in Lloyd’s of London by ERS or KGM which ever offers the best cover for your particular vehicles and requirements. If you are not a member of the NAWCP you may ask for a quotation by saying you are joining but you won’t be accepted if you decide to go ahead without quoting your NAWCP membership number.

The NAWCP cannot undertake any negations on your behalf with our broker or insurers.

This policy does not cover any work that requires licensing. For that you need the appropriate local authority licenses and full hire and reward insurance.

One other point to note is that at least one of the larger wedding car brokers is charging a £45 brokerage fee just to give you a quotation! Peter James will never charge a brokerage fee to any member of the NAWCP.

You don’t have to use our approved broker its up to you but you will find it very hard to beat our deal. If you find a cheaper deal very carefully check it covers all of the above.

Our Contact at Peter James Insurance to whom you should address all inquiries is:


Hazel Cook or one of her colleagues
Peter James Insurance
772 Hagley Road West
West Midlands
B68 0PJ

01215 066 040